a feature documentary with Laura Enever.


With the structure of the world tour temporarily left behind, Laura pushes wom- ens surfing into uncharted territory. She immerses herself into the perilous waters of big wave surfing and its inherent dangers. Amongst Australias wildest oceans, her playful spirit is illuminated as she revels in an unlikely playground of chaos and consequence.

We’re currently in late stages of development - to keep updated with the production follow @undonefilm, @lauraenever and @whereswalle


Tasmania, 2018

This, was our very first shoot. Laura’s first foray into this terrifying new world. If this is just the beginning, where does this finish?


NSW, 2018

We’re looking forward to pushing the limits of water cinematography - if Laura is going to step out of her comfort zone it’s only fair we behind the lens push ourselves just as hard.