It all started when…

You might think I was one of those kids that learnt to surf before he could walk, but i was actually terrified of the water for much of my childhood, in fact this is why I picked up a camera in the first place. My friends were doing things in the ocean that terrified me, yet I didn’t want to miss out on all the fun. With a camera, I could be involved, and in the front lines whilst avoiding harms way (for the most part)

One thing led to another, and eventually these adventures became all consuming and led to travel around the world, and a willingness to step ever closer to harms way in the interest of capturing something unique (it all seemed like fun and games at the time though) - things like waterproofing a studio flash system, attaching it to a jetski and waiting for the biggest swells we could find before entering the water in pitch darkness. I love the challenge, and the process of dreaming up these concepts and working to bring them to fruition, which is what eventually led me to filmmaking, a process as grand or as elaborate as you let it become.

Despite shooting a diverse range of projects nowadays, the water is my great passion and an environment always cherished dearly. I run a variety of camera systems across stills and motion capture, including a RED DSMC2 Weapon surf housing kit which allows me to shoot motion pictures of the highest quality.

I’m based in Manly, north of Sydney but available to travel near and far to help with your project!

Much of my kit is also available for rental through Crosswave - Sydney based underwater hire company.