Steve is a filmmaker and photographer based in Sydney. He is passionate about bringing documentary storytelling to wild and rugged locations.   He is well versed across a variety of camera systems, gimbal & drone applications, along with many years experience shooting above and below the water.   In recent times, Steve has shot work for a diverse range of clientele, including Red Bull, Cricket Australia, Paypal, Haydenshapes, MiRunners, Surfing Magazine, Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel, Awarua Guides and Hungry Jacks, and travelled to Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand and north to Alaska pursuing personal projects alongside supporting brands Elinchrom, Nikon Australia & Aquatech Imaging Solutions.   Lets talk! please contact me here  For equipment rental & further info regarding kit hire please contact the Crosswave Agency at

Steve Wall


Filmmaker + Photographer


Steve is a filmmaker and photographer based in Sydney. He is passionate about capturing remarkable stories and locations in a unique fashion.

In the beginning, photographing surfing and seascapes honed the eye and whet his appetite for travel. In this fast moving world, the ability to think on your feet
and adapt is a must - an invaluable skill to have in the bag when filmmaking became more than just a curiosity. In recent years, Steve has developed a wide set of skills
in the motion world, working on a number of documentary and commercial projects. From camera operator / DP, to gimbal operator and drone pilot he is well versed
throughout a number of different camera systems and cutting edge technology. 

In early 2018, Steve and his team have announced their first feature documentary, Undone, currently in development and slated for release in late 2019.

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